investor relations / dividend policy

The basis of the Company's stated dividend policy at the time of its IPO was to reflect the long-term earnings and cash flow potential of the Group, taking into account its capital requirements, whilst at the same time maintaining an appropriate level of dividend cover.

According to the Company’s dividend policy, dividends are expected to be paid at the rate of 25% on the first €30 million of such annual net profits and thereafter at the rate of between 20% and 25%, as determined by the Company’s Board of Directors, on any additional annual net profits which exceed €30 million. As published on 23 September 2011, the dividend for 2012-2013 was subject to certain caps and conditions, which expired in December 2013.

The Company's Board of Directors will continue to monitor overall market conditions, ongoing committed capital requirements of the Company, as well as expected future cash flow, before considering any future dividend payments or payments from the Company's general reserves.